What I have made this summer :)

So now that I can add pics, I will add what else I have made this summer as I have been learning how to sew!

One of the first things I made was a denim skirt… I had been wanting to buy one but decided I would try to make it myself. I am really happy with it! It is very comfortable!!! I am not usually a skirt or dress wearer, but I have been enjoying my new skirt :). IMG_0597IMG_0598IMG_0601IMG_0604 I used Simplicity 2451, View B, then had to take in a couple of darts in the waist. I love my pockets!!! I had a little trouble with this zipper… did this before I took my Craftsy class.

Next up I made PJ shorts for Katie, Jenny and I (from Simplicity 9871….JoAnn’s had a sale on the Simplicity patterns, can you tell?!)… here are mine and Jenny’s (have to fix Katie’s ribbon).IMG_0668IMG_0666The buttonhole with the ribbon was supposed to be on the outside…somehow the girls’ ended up on the inside; mine is just hand sewn on the front and doesn’t function as a drawstring like theirs does.



I also made a couple of tops, first was Simplicity 2892 IMG_0656IMG_0658I added the little lace at the bottom just as an extra :). I made View D and just did the sleeve linings in the fabric instead of the puffy elastic sleeve (I saw someone else online had done that) and that worked fine. You can’t see it but I used a little flower button for the closure at the top back.

Then Simplicity 1693 View B… I was worried about the flutter sleeves in this one but I really love how this one fits and how comfortable it is! I used a seersucker fabric and it lays nicely.IMG_0659IMG_0663 I also made the back closure a ribbon that ties instead of a button (because I thought it would be cute and that last button loop on the other top keeps coming undone, boo). The neck was a little big on me so that is why I took a pleat (or dart?) in the front and that fixed that!

Last top I made I am not as sure about… IMG_0648IMG_0654 I used Simplicity 7517, and copied how I saw someone else online change the fabric up at the bottom of it, and did a fabric ribbon tie for the back closure. Just not as sure about this one, I did try making a little variety in the front of the neck but may try doing something else with it?

And last but not least I altered a few tops I already owned… the striped top in the top picture I added the little fake tank inset.

Did the same for this one…IMG_0635

And this one also, along with a piece of fabric at the bottom. IMG_0644

And there you have it! Next I think I will work on a brown skirt (with pockets!!!), and then I am really excited to sew the Coco pattern from Tilly and the Buttons! I Love, Love, Love her blog and her sewing tutorials.

Until next time!

“For great is His steadfast love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.” Psalm 117:2


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